TTR 7600 Infinity – Wide Track Reversible Hydrostatic

»POWER: 74
»ENGINE: Kohler – Turbo Stage 3B – 4 cyl – 16V – 151 ci
»WEIGHT (LB): 4739÷5158 rollbar- 5026÷5445 cab
»CAPACITY (LB): 5291



TTR 7600 Infinity – Wide-track reversible drive tractor with hydrostatic transmission.

TTR 7600 Infinity 

TTR 7600 Infinity – 74 Hp – is the wide track isodiametric tractor that brings together three separate technical solutions of the Antonio Carraro range: ACTIO frame, reversible drive and infinity variation transmission.

A multifunctional tractor suitable for the most varied situations: steep sloping ground activities (edge cutting, mountain or hill haymaking); maintenance work (green or urban areas, roads, sports grounds).

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AC Full Chassis with Oscillation – cast iron full chassis hosting the tractor’s transmission. with a central articulated joint which allows a longitudinaloscillation up to 15°; this system allows the tractor to keep up with the soil’s sinuosity ensuring constant tractionand grip.


RGS™ Rev-Guide System, is the AC reversible driving system on a rotating turret which inverts the driving direction in just a few seconds in order to work efficiently with towed or frontal equipment. Simply turn the seat/steering wheel/dash/pedal assembly 180° for an identical, but reverse, driving direction.

Steering wheels

The short wheelbase and tight steering radius make the tractor extremely agile in crop rows. To further reduce the turning radius, the steering* brakes can be utilized, while accentuating the steering effect obtained thanks to the double-acting constant velocity joints.

UNIFLEX® Suspension

The UNIFLEX suspension with coaxial cylinders maximises its efficiency thanks to a reduced number of friction points. Its innovative concept allows the equipment to follow and adapt itself to the contours of the ground, benefitting speed and work precision. 

Pneumatic seat

Pneumatic suspension seat with height regulation and automatic driver-weight adjustment (from 110 lb to 286 lb).


Tubular steel guard protecting the bodywork; integrates the third-point for the front lift.

Vertical tie-rod and hydraulic thirdpoint

Optimizes the positioning and inclination of the equipment.

ACS – Auto-cleaning system

Reverse flow fan that assures the constant cleaning and efficienc of the radiator and of the front grille of the bonnet.


More braking, more safety – Additional braking system, perfect for slope-parking. By activating the handbrake, with a subsequent pressure on the brake pedals all 4 oil disk brakes are blocked. The system works with the tractor engine both running or off.

Extra comfort Cab

TTR Extra Comfort cab is a homologated, original AC product. Its sober, elegant design provides a total-glass structure in order to offer total visibility and on-board brightness. TTR Ergit 100 in its standard version offers an open cab with front and rear windscreens. Often, however, the operator demands more comfort within a closed, air-conditioned cab.

INFINITY Transmission

Hydrostatic continuous-variable transmission with 3 electronic shift-on-the-go speeds for each mechanical range, electro-hydraulic reverser; Mechanical selector of the 2 speed ranges (field and road); Continuous-variable speed in both forward and reverse from 0 to 24 mph; “Eco” System: it maintains the maximum speed with a low diesel engine speed; “Automotive” device; Speed control with ESC (Electronic Speed Control) “RPM recall” System: it recalls the manually preset rpm or, when the Automotive function is activated, automatically control the engine speed from the minimum revs up to the preset revs; PTO 540/540e independent and ground speed with progressive electrohydraulic engagement; Start inhibit switch on shuttle reverser, PTO selector and clutch; Hydraulic front/rear or only rear differential lock; Electrohydraulic disengagement control for front drive wheels; Hydraulic clutch

Front Ballast

Front ballast (194 lb) – Perfectly integrated into the bodywork of the tractor; it does not alter the wheelbase or dimensions of the tractor.

Air conditioner

The soundproof cab offers also an automatically controlled air conditioning system.














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